Earth and Man National Museum – All About Gems in Sofia

If you’re just like us and always on the look-our for slightly different museums, the Earth and Man National Museum is the one for you.

The Earth and Man Museum is one of the biggest mineralogical museum in the world – it’s safe to say you’ll get your money worth of rocks and stones. The exhibition may have opened for the first time in 1987, the building in itself dates back to the end of the 19th century. While not being too grand architecturally wise, the 4000m2 building covers as much as 40% of all naturally created minerals, as well as some ceramics designed by Bulgarian scientists.

You can also visit some temporary exhibitions – during our visit in June 2018, the themes of the two temporary exhibitions were “Minerals Found in Sofia” and “Chemical names of Minerals” (with numbers sheets naming all minerals chemically, quite the read). But the best bit are the two main gems that can be found downstairs, and that visitors are encouraged to touch and feel.

The museum can be found next to the European Union metro station, at the end of one of Sofia’s many park. As of 2018, the prices were of 4 lev. for an adult and 2 lev. for a student.

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